focused on asset management,
lifestyle management and turning all
scenario's into winning situations
Marks International
encompasses a team of
– multi-talented individuals operating as One. We alter and improve our abilities to ensure our ability to add value on every project. The Team understand the difference between an
opportunity, and a
opportunity. We advise a wealth of both private and public clients ranging from global Hotel Operators, to private Residential Property Developers.

The property sector is a global market, spread across multiple time-zones, and if our clients are available 24 hours per day, so should we be. Through our three offices, London, Monaco and Beijing, our teams are well positioned to advise both on their relevant local markets, as well as further afield.

We guarantee a member of the team will always be available to deliver your request.
Beijing Office
北京五道口华清嘉园 20 号楼 301号
Room 301, Building 20
Hua Qing Jia Yuan
Wu Dao Kou
Monaco Office
Palais De La Scala
No. 1196, 4th Floor
1 Avenue Henri Dunant
Monte Carlo
MC 98000